Biomedical Genomics
Our mission:
Recent technological revolutions make it now possible to  comprehensively
study the genetic information of a cell or organism and Genomics is the field of
study that seeks to understand the structure and function of all genes in an
organism based on knowing the organism's entire DNA sequence.

Our ideal is to be able to study the interactions and functional dynamics of whole
sets of genes and their products. When these questions are addressed in the
context of human health and disease we may speak of Biomedical Genomics.

This site will attempt to contribute to the dissemination of current knowledge
about this field.

In addition, we try to contribute ourselves in a modest way to the generation of
data, knowledge and their interpretation in order to further elucidate what genes
do, how they are controlled, and how they work together.

From an application point of view the potential of Biomedical Genomics is to
personalize medical care by fine-tuning treatments specifically to a person's
genetic make up.
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Biomedical Genomics
A systems approach to the central dogma of biology in health and disease
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